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Let us express our sincere welcome to you all into the Manaslu world College family. We feel extremely delighted that you have chosen Manaslu to provide you with all possible means and strategies, that we believe, are prerequisites for your academic progress which is achieved through persistent dedication to the pious objectives of teaching and learning.

This notion forms the foundation of all of our activities and approaches at the institution. Learning is a long journey, where the tripartite endeavors of students, parents, and teachers in an inductive environment play a significant role. We anticipate this mutual bond and would like to make our commitment that no stone will be left unturned by our team in order to prove the academic excellence you deserve.

We hope that our prospectus communicates this blending of ideas and ideals and begins to answer some of your questions about Manaslu World College. We encourage you to experience it and move your curiosities forward. Let's dream together and make our best efforts for its materialization.


Happenings at Manaslu

Celebrating Exceptional Excellence! 🎉✨ A huge congratulations to the top 3 students from each faculty at Manaslu World College! Your remarkable hard work, unwavering dedication, and outstanding achievements have truly paid off. We are immensely proud of your academic success and the brilliance you’ve demonstrated in your respective fields. Your journey is an inspiration to all, showcasing the true spirit of excellence and perseverance. The faculty and staff at Manaslu World College are thrilled to see such exceptional talent and commitment among our students. Your achievements not only reflect your individual efforts but also the supportive and nurturing environment provided by the college. Here’s to many more accomplishments, continued growth, and incredibly bright futures. Keep reaching for the stars and setting new benchmarks of success! 🌟📚

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Our Courses

70 seats 2 years


  Introduction Manaslu focuses on providing a comprehensive education in the natural sciences, inclu...

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50 seats 2 years


Introduction Manaslu focuses on developing students’ knowledge and skills related to business admini...

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50 seats 2 years


Introduction This program is designed to introduce students to the field of law and provide them wit...

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50 seats 2 years


Introduction Humanities at Manaslu offers a multidisciplinary approach to the study of human culture...

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12 Jun 2024
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Top 10 Student of Grade 11 Final Exam

Celebrating Exceptional Excellence! 🎉✨ A huge congratulations to the top 3 students from each facu...

16 May 2024
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Field Visit for Science Students

🌍✨ Class 11 Science students from Manaslu World School embarked on an educational journey to the N...

26 Apr 2024
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Grade 12 Board Exam Starts

The Grade 12 board exams of NEB (National Examination Board) commenced today, marking a significant...