Message from the Chairman

Dear all,

"As you plant today, so, shall you reap tomorrow." This proverb applies to the attainment of education as well. The core significance of education lies in its applicability in the challenging atmosphere that we are likely to face at different times in life. Therefore, the selection of the right educational institution is of utmost importance. And I view that Manaslu World College should be your selection for it is the institution that paves a concrete path for your career development molding you in varied disciplines of knowledge.

Established, directed, and evaluated by a team of academicians with ample experience in diverse sectors of academia, this institution aspires to explore, analyze and apply the genres of learning with a specific emphasis on igniting the potential of the students.

Core human values of compassion, consideration, and respect for humanity at large are encouraged in pupils along with devotion, determination, and dedication for the culmination of nationalism, universalism and the ethics of a harmonious society is one of the major objectives of our institution. I extend my warm wishes for your immense progress at "Manaslu World College" in the days to come.

- Gyendra Lama

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