(Bachelor in Business Studies) 

  • Internationally accepted degree accredited and recognized by Tribhuban university 
  • Integration of distinct courses 
  • Three shifts (Morning, Day and Evening classes )
  • Intern based classes 
  • Guest lectures by renown professors and lectures 
  • Webinar support from International universities 
  • Field based and project based preparation 
  • BBS in BBA/BBM Flavor 
  • Additional Skill based training classes by professionals
  • Smart Library 
  • Professional training 
  • Computer skills 
  • Corporate interaction 
  • Language proficiency 
  • Personality Development 
  • Placement Support 


First Year Subjects 

MGT 201

Business English 

(100 Marks)

MGT 202 
Business Statics 

(100 Marks)

MGT 203 
Busienss Economics-I 

(100 Marks) 

MGT 211

Accounting for Financial Analysis and Planning 
(100 Marks)

MGT 213

Principles of Management (100 Marks)


Minimum General Requirements 

The minimum general requriements for the 4-year BBS program are as follows: 

  • An academic year will consist of a minimum of 150 teaching days excluding the days taken for admission and annual examinations.
  • The total instruction hours in an academic year will be 615.  For courses requiring field and practical work, additional hours of study will be requried. 
  • There will be a minimum of five periods (i.e. class hours) each teaching day. 


Graduation Requriements 

The BBS program extends over four academic year and the BBS degree is awarded on its successful completion. All candidates for the BBS Degree must fulfill the following requirements: 

  • The successful completion of 2000 marks as prescribed with passing grades in all course (subjects)
  • The passing scores obtained in all theory and practical components of each course separately. Completion of courses for the fulfillment of the BBS program within the time limit pescribed by Tribhuvan University.