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12 Jul 2024
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Manaslu World College Ranked Top 5 in terms of Grade 12 Result

Kathmandu – Manaslu World College at Chucchepati, Kathmandu is known for its excellent physical inf...

05 Jul 2024
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Admission Open for Grade XI

Manaslu World College proudly announces admissions open for Grade XI, offering a diverse range o...

27 Jun 2024
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πŸŽ“ Congratulations to all the SEE graduate students! πŸŽ‰

πŸŽ“ Congratulations to all SEE Graduate Students! 🌟 Your incredible hard work, unwavering dedication...

12 Jun 2024
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Top 10 Student of Grade 11 Final Exam

Celebrating Exceptional Excellence! πŸŽ‰βœ¨ A huge congratulations to the top 3 students from each facu...

16 May 2024
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Field Visit for Science Students

🌍✨ Class 11 Science students from Manaslu World School embarked on an educational journey to the N...

26 Apr 2024
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Grade 12 Board Exam Starts

The Grade 12 board exams of NEB (National Examination Board) commenced today, marking a significant...

07 Apr 2024
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Hotel Management Training

Embarking on a transformative journey, Manslu World College students delve into the realm of hospita...

04 Apr 2024
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Photography Training

Manaslu World College recently conducted a comprehensive photography training program tailored for h...

17 Aug 2023
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Congratulation for 100% Result

On this remarkable achievement,Β  We extend our warment Congratulation to all the +2Β graduates who ha...